Constructware Field App Reviews

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Don't bother downloading

What a useless piece of junk. Don't waste your memory by downloading. All this app allows is to view or download files from file manager. You cannot do ANYTHING else. This was a waste of the developer's time to create it.


This app is useless. It is a shame they have not develop a usable app.


Auto desk bought vela systems so they probably don't care about this app.

Stagnated. No progress

Dead in the water. No feedback from Autodesk.

Just another disappointment from our friends at Constructware

I was hoping for more options than just viewing some files. I have an iPad and would like to be able to access the entire Constructware site but Apple is not supported and this ap doesnt come close to what I need. Either fix the ap to have the WHOLE thing, or fix the site so that I can use Safari.... I dont like Constructware in the first place (have no choice to use it) but this just makes it worse.

Needs Updating

This app is very limited. It's easier for me to log into the Constructware site where I have full availability of all of the project modules from project information, project team members, approving contracts and invoices etc. As of now, the app is no benefit for field users until additional updates are provided making the app more like the actual web site.


Very limited use. Its not really a 'Field Management' solution when all you can really do is view documents from your project. To be useful its needs more features from the main site.

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